Grooming is about more than keeping your pet looking beautiful and clean-smelling, although that's certainly an obvious benefit.  Ear cleaning is part of a grooming routine that will help keep your animal comfortable, and can also alert you to ear problems before they become serious.

How often you clean the ears of your animal is largely dependent on the breed; dogs with long, droopy ears or with abundant or curly hairs in the ear canal are more prone to otitis and require frequent ear cleaning.  Medical history and previous ear infections may also dictate a more frequent cleaning.

  1. In animals with thick or curly hair, it may be necessary to tweeze and remove hairs at the entrance of the ear canal.

  2. Hold the earflap upright.

  3. Make sure to use an ear cleaner specifically formulated for your pet; do not use shampoo, lotions, or flushes for external use.

  4. Apply the ear cleaner at the entrance of the ear canal, letting ti flow naturally into the canal.  Do not insert the tip too far to avoid injuries.

  5. Massage the base of the ear for 30 seconds to help removed and solubilize the ear wax.

  6. Wipe the earflap and entrance of the ear canal to remove excess products and debris.  Let the animal shake its head.  If necessary, wipe again any remaining debris.  DO NOT use a Q-tip because it pushed debris inside the ear canal instead of removing them, and it can cause injuries.

How to Clean Your Dog's Ears

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